African American Research Library & Cultural Center of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Until the Lions have their Historian, 

the Tale of the Hunt will continue to Glorify the Hunter - an African Proverb

The Challenge of Preserving Our Culture . . . 

While the African American community is no longer visible, the African American Research Library and Cultural Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. is taking steps to ensure the preservation of Palm Beach County's African American Culture.

Museums, archives, libraries not only preserves culture, they legitimize it.   Therefore, it is important for African Americans to work with cultural institutions to preserve their families' photography, documents, and objects.

It is crucial that more of African American's past make it into a cultural repository.

As the African American Community diversifies, it is crucial to find mechanisms and opportunities to maintain our sense of community.

As some families lose the connection with their southern roots, it is important that we understand our common heritage and history.

The common nature of African American lives have provided substance, guidance, and comfort for generations.

Although our communties are now quite diverse, it is our common heritage that continue to hold us together.

Video from School Board of Palm Beach County, FL 

Preserving & Presenting the History and Culture of the African American Communities in Palm Beach County

AARLCC of Palm Beach County, Inc. was established to be a depository for educational, scientific, cultural and literary materials pertaining to 

African American communities 

in Palm Beach County.

Our History :

We were organized as a response to several meetings held primarily by retired educators of Roosevelt High School, located in West Palm Beach, FL.  The group came to the conclusion that there should be an entity in West Palm Beach preserving the rich heritage of Palm Beach County's African American Communities.  

The desire is to house and display valuable artifacts from 

Mrs. Ineria E. Hudnell's exhibit and others while providing support and educational assistance for future generations.

Mrs. Hudnell covered more than 400 articles, photographs, and memorabilia that documented more than 100 years of African American in Palm Beach County.

She started preserving Palm Beach County's African American history in 1978.

In 1982, she began travelling with the exhibit.  

The exhibit has been displayed at various schools, businesses, and many functions and events throughout Palm Beach County and within the State of Florida.

Preservation of 

Mrs. Hudnell's Collection

AARLCC of PBC member 

Earl Hudnell , Mrs. Hudnell's son, was interviewed by WPTV concerning preserving Mrs. Hudnell's Collection.

Our Features and Goals

1.   AARLCC will function as an educational library/museum designed to discover, collect, and preserve all materials, especially source materials pertaining to the history of African American Communities in Palm Beach County, as well as, the rich and colorful history of the African Diaspora.

2.   AARLCC will establish and maintain facilities that safeguard, protect, and display historically relevant materials.

3.   AARLCC will ensure the realization of educational goals for area youth and adults by providing opportunities for students and residents to be exposed to research information and technology.